The Found Wanderer

Inspired by crystal energy and natural beauty, Found Wanderer is handmade jewelry made for the wandering, bohemian goddess.Β The theme of natural beauty lies at the soul and body of this brand.

Launched in 2010 by founder, owner and designer, Kacey Royer, Found Wanderer is an independent jewelry label based in York, PA.

Her obsession for crystals and background in communications has helped Kacey nurture her brand and watch it bloom to where it is today.

Kacey spends her days working full time as an internet marketer. She dedicates her evenings and weekends to make her Found Wanderer pieces.

“My life is fueled by my desire to see beauty and spread beauty. I want my jewelry to ignite the warmth in others and inspire them to spread beauty into their life. My jewelry represents my heart and mindset. It translates the passion I have for life into a tangible object for others to enjoy. It’s a way for me to verbalize everything I feel.”

Each piece is created with a backbone of intention and sentiment. The crystals Kacey uses in her Found Wanderer collection are hand selected. They are then energized in a way to enable others to feel the power this earth has and how we can use that energy to fuel our daily lives.

“I believe there is infinite strength within the concept of natural beauty – one of the main reasons I use crystals, natural objects and other ‘earthy’ finds within my work. I strive to surround myself with beauty inside and outside of my business. Each day is an opportunity to put this beauty back into the world.”

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